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The Storied Stitching Experience

Hi there! I’m Dr. Laura Sapelly! Welcome to the Storied Stitching Experience! I teach a proven, step-by-step method of turning doodles into art: Free-form stitching, a skill combining machine quilting and embroidery.

Women on college campuses, art schools, cafes, and online – fell in love with storied stitching. We share our stories and our stitches.
And so will you.

But don’t take my students’ word for it. Try us. For free.

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Our Offerings

Free-form stitching 101

Begin with our 3-part video course! FFS 101 includes all you need to start “free formin.” Learn basic skills to create sublime color blocks. Get a tools, supplies, and materials checklist. Plenty of angles and images to show you how it’s done. You’ll be freeform stitching in no time!

Free Form stitching 101 lesson plan

Home schooler? K – 12 Educator? Our lesson guide includes objectives, assessments, & national standards in visual art, history, English language arts, and family & consumer science.  Experience how storied stitching seamlessly combines subjects – and engages families –  in learning!

youtube LIVE - Tuesdays 3PM CT

Ready to learn about free-form stitching? Women behind the needles? Or about stuff you learn in art school – like composition and design? Join our Storied Seminars on Tuesdays @ 3PM CT-LIVE! on FACEBOOK.

I have enjoyed and looked forward to every Storied Sewing Circle meeting! Our monthly get-togethers on zoom have been a source of companionship, laughter, and sanity!

Jenna Russo

FFS 101 has become my guilt-free addiction! Laura’s wonderful teaching skills and enthusiasm have taught me (and my daughter) to turn my sewing machine into a source of infinite creativity –  free form quilting!

Barbara Millbeck

As a homeschooler, I am eternally grateful for Laura’s expert education background. The Free Form Stitching 101 lesson plan is my go-to reference for writing cross-disciplinary materials for my children. They loved the “doodle” quilting! And, their grandmother joined them as well! They interviewed her and wrote about childhood sewing experiences. Not only did they fulfilled English and History credits, but they also got to know an important part of their granny’s past. Thank you, Laura!

Elizabeth Brown

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