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Art Teaching

Why the Arts Matter

In this worksheet, I offer perspectives on why the arts FREAKIN matter! Then, you have space to write your own reasons why the arts matter!

Unit or Lesson Plan Template

Are you a K-12, non-profit or homeschooler? A student-teacher? This template is for art teachers working in nearly every situation. 

Rubrics for Art Activities

I adapted this rubric from the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Arts Program when introduced to them during my student teaching a decade ago.

Identity worksheet

I developed this worksheet as a way to access students’ perspectives on what it means to be human. It cultivates discussions around this sensitive topic.

Reflections on sewing so far….

I developed this worksheet as a way to access students’ perspectives on sewing as they worked on the stitched drawing. It generates thoughtful conversation.

Mollo’s arts and education terms

Dr. Arlene Black Mollo was an art education professor at Umass Dartmouth. These definitions are drawn from my lecture notes.

Art making ideas

The Stitched Drawing

I developed this lesson while apprentice teaching. Rooted in fiber arts, I sought to bridge the gap between fine art and stitching.

Improv sewing and quilting

Sewing Supply List

I couldn’t live without my sewing supply checklist. No matter how long I’ve taught sewing, I constantly update it and refresh it with cool new stuff!