#Episode 6: What is ply and why should you care?

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Get ready for an in-depth look at another overlooked but super important concept for both thread: ply



But before we dive deeper, let’s get inspired!




Ready for inspo? What defines success?

This episode’s quote is from Los Angeles-based Furniture designer Tanya Aguiniga : when asked: 

What does success mean to you? 

she answered 

“Success to me means being able to continue to do what I love. It means making meaningful work that promotes inclusivity and community.”  

And I would have to agree that such a sentiment propelled me to

  • get a website
  • start a blog
  • start a podcast

Because I want to connect with others interested in stitching, AND including into k-12 curricula….

But also I want to encourage us all to MAKE time for stitching!!!

Yes, let’s ALL make meaning and practice inclusivity —-and change the world in our own small but BIG way!
I think if we all did that this, well, it creates momentous change that we can create together

Quote from – In the company of women: inspiration and advice from over 100 makers, artists, and entrepreneurs, by Grace Bonney. >>Get it >>>here

What does success mean to you?

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Here’s my “ply” story–What’s yours?

It’s not really about ply- it’s about spools!

So I started sewing when wooden spools were still around.
Mom had some old wooden spools; later I was reminded of them while student teaching with the amazing Joseph Fontinha in Brockton, MA…

He inherited an elementary school art room- that art teacher taught students textiles and he had a whole thing of these wooden spools!
He gave a couple! YAY! They’re safe at my mom’s, but I have to pack them next time I’m home!

Now, think about YOUR first spool of thread!

What is YOUR thread or yarn “ply” story?

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What’s this episode really about?

What is ply and why should you care? We get into some serious detail concerning ply: definition of ply, its role in thread production, how affects thread strength.

BIG TIME: The importance (and frustration) of reading labels before choosing a thread for your creation.

Good news: For the majority of stitched projects, you can’t go wrong with the standard sewing thread you’ll find in The Big Box store or online!

But sometimes you’ll want a shiny or fine thread to accentuate or embellish a project.
Or to add some uber visual excitement to your stitched work!

After listening to this episode, you’ll feel WAY more confident to experiment with various weights of threads! YES!

Join us for this podcast, and get the answers to what is ply and why should you care!





Episode #6 What is ply and why should you care?

Thread is either animal-based, plant-based, synthetic, or a combination of those. In its simplest form, thread consists of two or more plies of “yarn” twisted together.

It can either remain “soft” (untreated) or be treated with a special finish to increase its performance and appearance.

Thread can be monofilament (basically, one long ply, see above) or composed of multiple filaments (2 or more plies). Once it’s spun, it’s finished to accentuate project-specific features.

It can be wax coated for shoemaking or silky smooth for low-lint quilting. And, (phew!) it can be finished with a vibrant, color-reflecting sheen, like quality embroidery thread….lovely!

Ready for more? Listen to episode 6! Thanks and see you soon!!!!!


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